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Gateron G Pro 2.0 Blue Keyboard Switches (110pc)

Gateron G Pro 2.0 Blue Keyboard Switches (110pc)

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Gateron G Pro 2.0 Blue switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch known for their clicky sound and tactile feedback. These features make them a good choice for typists who enjoy a satisfying typing experience with a clear audible indication of each keystroke.


  • Clicky Sound: A hallmark feature of blue switches is the distinct clicky sound produced with each keypress. This can be satisfying for typists who enjoy the auditory feedback.

  • Tactile Bump: In addition to the clicky sound, Gateron G Pro 2.0 Blue switches also have a noticeable tactile bump when the key is actuated. This bump provides a physical confirmation of a keystroke.

  • Light to Medium Actuation Force: These switches typically require around 50g of force to actuate, which is considered light to medium. This can help reduce finger fatigue during extended typing sessions.

  • Excellent Durability: Gateron G Pro 2.0 Blue switches are rated for over 50 million keystrokes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Pre-lubed (except Blue) While most Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches come pre-lubed from the factory for a smoother keystroke, the blue switches are intentionally left unlubed to preserve the characteristic clicky sound. If you prefer a quieter blue switch, you can lubricate them yourself.


  • Type: clicky
  • Pre-travel: 2.3 0.6mm
  • Total travel: 4.0mm max
  • Operating force: 60 15gf
  • End force: 60 5gf
  • Mounting pins: 3-pin
  • Stem: pom
  • Top housing: pc
  • Bottom housing: nylon pa66
  • Factory lube: yes

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